The Chrysler Lineup is the American-est, Just Ask Presidents Sheen and Pullman

"What is this, an America-off?" Bill Pullman asks dryly.

"No," Martin Sheen throws back, "This is an America on!"

The two aging actors are best remembered as the President of the United States from Independence Day and The West Wing, and in the recent President's Day Chrysler ad "American-est," the pair reprise their presidential parts while trying to decide which one is the bigger patriot.

Sheen is determined to prove he is the most star-spangled former commander-in-chief, declaring that he has the American dream every night!

Both agree on one thing, though -- Chrysler. Pullman drives a sleek new Chrysler 200, while Sheen is driving the stately Chrysler 300 with the most advanced all-wheel drive system in its class.

After all, Chrysler is "Imported from Detroit," and the brand has deep roots in the United States.

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