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The Next Generation of Infotainment

One of the biggest draws today within the automotive community is the technology that comes packed within the cabin of today's cars. With so many innovations that happen daily, it becomes too tough to keep up with all of the changes. Fiat Chrysler has done just that with their newest upgrade to their in-car infotainment system UConnect.

UConnect is Fiat Chrysler's infotainment system that is present in all of the cars in this family.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk: Track ready or still a pipe dream?

The group here at Doug Gray Chrysler Jeep Dodge have been keeping our ears to the ground in anticipation of the upcoming year. We have been hearing rumblings of the brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee model coming closer to reality. For people who follow the auto industry, we think you know what we are talking about, but if not, see video.


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The Chrysler Lineup is the American-est, Just Ask Presidents Sheen and Pullman

"What is this, an America-off?" Bill Pullman asks dryly.

"No," Martin Sheen throws back, "This is an America on!"

The two aging actors are best remembered as the President of the United States from Independence Day and The West Wing, and in the recent President's Day Chrysler ad "American-est," the pair reprise their presidential parts while trying to decide which one is the bigger patriot.

Sheen is determined to prove he is the most star-spangled former commander-in-chief, declaring that he has the American dream every night!

Both agree on one thing, though -- Chrysler. Pullman drives a

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Jeep Brand Unveils Special-Edition Renegade Inspired by Batman

It seems like everyone is talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it hasn't even hit the big screen yet. Fortunately, if you want to find yourself immersed in the film long before you can see it at your local AMC, you can do so in the all-new 2016 Jeep Renegade "Dawn of Justice" Special Edition. The vehicle is inspired by the upcoming blockbuster and is sure to fight any boring commute with its blacked-out aesthetics, available high-tech features and bold interior accents.

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